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Sophisticated solutions for creative communicators forging paths where there are none.

I know you: You’re in charge of an in-house communications team tackling a challenging project in a sea of change. You need extra communications brain power and a dose of inspiration.

I see you: You need to deliver results and to get there you need someone to help you think through your goals, strategy, messaging and execution.

I understand you: Consultants are a dime a dozen, but you have to find the right fit. Someone you can trust, who understands the stakes and cares about the outcomes. You’re not asking for the moon!

Why hire an expensive firm that will use the same tired old template and charge you upwards of $250,000?

Get what you NEED: a creative communicator just like yourself, with two decades of hard-earned results and experience navigating non-stop change.

When you hire On Message, you get my undivided attention and unbridled imagination to customize your specific project.

You also get...

  • Advice and insights

  • A free English accent

  • Well-timed, but dry humor

  • No BS, lots of integrity

  • Finely crafted products

  • Results that will make you proud

Marc Moorghen

What can I help you with?

Brand development: Define the essence of your brand and find ways to tell your organization’s story.

Strategic planning: Together, we can craft a long-term plan for your business and projects, using a methodological approach.

Messaging: We’ll co-create the right messages to reach the right people at the right time in the right places.

Change communications: No matter what you are facing, I can help you navigate challenging situations and projects.

Team building: Through training and coaching, align your people with your objectives to ensure your organization is achieving its desired outcomes.

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